Top StreamMer Contest

Rules and Leaderboard


Every month we will be rewarding the most watched streamers with prizes of up to $1,000!

Check out the leaderboard to see how you and your favorite streamers are doing!

How to win

The streamers with the highest number of unique viewer minutes will win. Every 5 minutes that an active viewer watches an active stream will be counted towards that streamer's monthly total.

Unique viewer minutes are defined by 5-minute intervals watched by each active, unique, registered viewer.

You can check out how you and your favorite streamers are doing by checking out the leaderboard.

Winners will be contacted with instructions on how to claim their prize.

Be sure to update your payment information. Failure to update your payment information within 10 days of being contacted by StreamMe will result in disqualification from future contests.


The contest is open to all streamers. To enter just begin streaming. Streamers that do not follow the StreamMe terms of service or use any other method to attempt to game the system will be disqualified.

Contest Period

The contest runs the entire month. Final viewer minutes will be calculated and reviewed the following week. You'll be able to check out the official winners on the leaderboard.

How to Enter

Start streaming!

Viewer minutes start to accumulate automatically as soon as any registered viewer starts watching your stream.


  • 1st $1,000
  • 2nd $800
  • 3rd $700
  • 4th $600
  • 5th $500
  • 6th $400
  • 7th $350
  • 8th $300
  • 9th $250
  • 10th $200
  • 11th $175
  • 12th $125
  • 13th $125
  • 14th $125
  • 15th $100
  • 16th $100
  • 17th $100
  • 18th $50
  • 19th $50
  • 20th $50


You can stream from mobile and still be eligible.

Users who view from mobile devices will also count towards viewer minutes.


If you participate as a streamer in a multi-stream during the contest:

  • viewers in your channel will add minutes to your score only.
  • viewers in the other streamers' channels will add minutes to their score only.
  • viewers in the multistream channel will add minutes to the score of all active streamers.
  • each viewer is only counted once toward a single streamer, even if they are in both the streamer's own channel and their multistream channel.

Timer and Current Rankings Disclaimer

Accumulated minutes and current rankings displayed on the leaderboard are subject to change if we find users have broken the aforementioned rules. These unofficial results may show delayed calculations. Official rankings will be reviewed and announced on the leaderboard. StreamMe reserves the right to disqualify any participants who either do not meet the contest requirements or have broken any aforementioned rules.