Frequently Asked Questions

Oh, StreamMe, why should I love thee?

Let me count the ways!

  • Tired of using third party services?
    • Dark theme? We got that.
    • In-stream notifications? Kapow!
    • Awesome chat settings to keep boogers out of your chatroom? No problem.
  • Want to be sponsored? Get yourself 50 followers, keep up a streaming schedule - pick your price!
    • Did we mention the 70/30 split in your favor??
  • Want to set up a stream with your friends? Go multistream already!
  • Want to show your support but just don't got that cash money? Put in those hours and earn that supporter badge!
  • Speaking of money, do you like winning money for doing what you already do? Check out our Top StreamMer Contest!
  • Need even more ways to support your favorite streamer? Send them stickers or sparkle gifts!
  • Is your old, gray username not getting you enough attention? Become a supporter or subscriber and pick a new username color!
  • Custom emotes? Fill 'er up!
    • Want even more? Check out The Swag Factory in our home page header!
  • Custom badges? Why not?
  • Prefer mobile? Check us out on iOS and Android.

Do I really have to keep going?


How do I stream?

There are several ways to stream to the site. The quickest way to get going is via the Quick Broadcast option on web or through the mobile apps available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

However, if you are streaming a game or other content from your PC or Mac we recommend using streaming software such as OBS or Xsplit. Once you have the software, you can check out our tutorial for OBS or Xsplit.

How do I set up my stream?

From your stream dashboard, you can change your stream title, toggle archives, get your stream key and find an origin server. You'll also see a stream preview and your chatroom.

To stream from your console, you'll need to use a capture card and follow the How do I stream? instructions above.

We also have a mobile app available through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Before you start streaming, don't forget to set up your stream widgets, custom emotes and channel page!

Check out the section on Chat, too, for more info on how to help your viewers have an amazing experience in your chatroom!

What are Topics?

Topics are pre-defined descriptions that you can use to associate your stream with other similar streams. Topics will appear on your channel page as well as on the home page. Clicking on a Topic or searching for a Topic will take you to a page listing all live streams currently associated with that Topic as well as any archives that used that Topic.

To add a topic, go to your stream dashboard and start to type a topic name (e.g. Kittens) or game title (e.g. Counter Strike) in the Stream Topic field beneath your Stream Title. You can add multiple topics.

Using a hashtag in your Stream Title will also suggest Stream Topics for you to use, if a match is found. If you use hashtags in your Stream Title, users can search for this tag and find your online stream and related online streams.

To remove a Stream Topic, click the ‘X’ icon to the right of the Topic name.

Don’t see a Stream Topic you’d like to use? Contact @CommunityRep or @CommunityWatch to submit a request!

Can I stream from outside the United States?

Yes! Our origin servers are listed on your stream dashboard and below. Select the link for your location for Quick Broadcast or copy the link into your broadcast setttings for OBS or Xsplit.

What is a Multistream?

A multistream is a way for a group of streamers to stream together. Multistreams get their own channel, where your viewers can choose to watch all or one of you at a time and chat with all the other viewers who are watching any of the other participants as well. You can use multistream to stream a tournament, do a video podcast or just stream with your friends.

Check out current live multistreams or start your own.

How do I Multistream?

From the multistream settings page, you just have to type in the name of your multistream and click START THE PARTY! From there you'll have the option to invite participants, enter a description and choose various actions for managing your multistream and its participants. As the owner of the multistream, you can kick participants out, invite more, end the multistream or just up and leave. You can invite up to 10 users to join you.

Once the multistream is set-up, the next time you and your participants start streaming, you're multistream channel will come alive! A banner on your channel page will direct your viewers to your latest multistream, if they'd like to hang out there instead. The multistream chatroom links the chats of all participants' channels, so everyone can chat together.

If you've been invited to a multistream, you'll see your invite on the multistream settings page. Once you've accepted the invite, the next time you start streaming, you'll be displayed on the relevant multistream channel. You can create and join as many multistreams as you feel fit to manage. A banner will appear on your channel page directing your viewers to your latest multistream, if they'd like to hang out there instead.

What can and can’t I stream?

StreamMe focuses on original content of all types:

  • Gaming Content of current releases as well as alpha and beta, as long as you (the streamer) are not bound by an NDA
  • Artwork - Show us those mad skills!
  • Music Production/Mixing
  • App, Game, Web and Program Development
  • Podcasts
  • Etc.

Examples of content that is not allowed:

  • Movies, TV Shows, Sports Events (live or pre recorded), etc.
  • Pornographic content of any kind
  • DDoS/Dox broadcast of any kind
  • Streaming games before release date
  • Harassment or defamation of other users
  • Spam
  • Self Destructive Behavior
  • See the Terms and Conditions for full list


How do I set up my chatroom?

From both your channel page and your settings page, you'll be able to see your chatroom. The cog icon in the chat header shows you a full list of available settings. The next icon will show you the Roster, including who's online, who your mods are (on- and offline), who's muted and who's banned. From the header you can also turn timestamps on/off as well as condensed messages (hide/show avatars) and run a raffle. Lastly, in the far right corner of the chat header, you can pop out chat and move it around.

In the cog settings from the chat header, it's important to take a look at the settings section. This sets the limits for what your viewers can and cannot do in your chatroom.

What is the URLs setting?

Three options:

  • All URLs hyperlinked - anyone in your chatroom can post a link and it'll be hyperlinked (you'll be able to click on it to open the page). Be careful with this option - you may be smart enough to not click on malicious links but make sure your viewers are, too!
  • Untrusted URLs not hyperlinked - this means that anyone can post a link but only users in your trusted users list will be able to post hyperlinked URLs (you'll be able to click on it to open the page) OR if you have a link whitelist, these links will also be hyperlinked.
  • Untrusted URLs removed - this means that only those in your trusted users list will be able to post URLs at all OR if you have a link whitelist,, these will also be allowed. All other links will be removed from chat.

What is the Chat Modes setting?

This determines whose allowed to chat in your room.

  • Anonymous users mode - any user, even without an account, can chat in your room. These users show up as "Troll:..." in your chatroom.
  • Registered users mode - any user that has registered an account (but not necessarily verified their email address) can chat in your room.
  • Verified users mode - any user that has registered an account and verified their email address can chat in your room.
  • Subscribers only mode - only users who are subscribed to you and your mods can chat in your room.
  • Moderators only mode - only users that you have modded can chat in your room. If you are having trouble with Trolls or other users, changing the chat mode can keep them from being able to bother you. See also the section on how to moderate chat.

What is the Chat Rate Limits setting?

These settings determine how many messages a user can send per second.

What is the Repetition Protection setting?

Enabling this will prevent users from sending the same chat message over and over again.

What is the Caps Protection setting?

Enabling this will prevent users from typing repetitively in ALL CAPS.

What is the Trusted Users, Link Whitelist and Word Blacklist setting?

On the settings page you can further restrict or un-restrict what goes on in your chatroom.

The trusted users section allows you to give certain users special privileges, mainly being able to post links.

The link whitelist allows you to limit which links you'll allow in your chatroom.

The word blacklist hides the words contained therein, so your chatters can't use them to annoy you (e.g. don't want users asking how old you are? Blacklist the word 'old' and they'll have to expand their vocabulary!).

How do I moderate chat?

If you are a streamer, it's important to find good moderators who will be around to help you with chat while you concentrate on being awesome on screen! You can mod a user in your chat by clicking on their username and selecting 'mod'.

You can later unmod them by doing the same and selecting 'unmod'. You can also use the chat commands /mod <username> and /unmod <username>. Have too many mods? Click on the Roster icon in the chat header, search for their username or scroll to find it, click on it and demod them.

You and your moderators will be allowed to:

  • Delete messages - click the red 'x' next to the message you want to delete.
  • IP ban a user from your chatroom - this will delete all their past messages and disallow them from sending more messages. If they try to come back to your chatroom with a new user under the same IP, they will be auto-banned. This does not however prevent them from coming back to your chatroom with a new user AND new IP.
    • You can also use the chat command /ban <username>. This will not delete their past messages and they might not realize right away that they've been banned, thus slowing them down in their effort to antagonize.
  • Mute a user - this will delete their past messages and the user will no longer be able to chat until you unmute them. The user will be informed that they have been muted / unmuted.
    • You can also mute a user for a specific length of time by using the chat command. For example, to mute a user for 30 seconds, type /mute <username> 30 in your chatroom. This type of mute does not delete their past messages.
  • Timeout a user - this is a temporary mute (see above). It does not delete their past messages. The dropdown times the user out for 10 minutes, so they can't chat. They will be informed that they've been muted, but not for how long. They'll receive a chat message that they've been unmuted once the time is up.
  • Ignore a user - this hides the user's messages from you only. You'll still be able to see that they sent a message, but now you don't have to read it. This is helpful if a user is bugging you specifically but not necessarily being a bother to your other viewers. This action will apply in all chatrooms, however you'll only be able to see the hidden messages in your own chatroom. The user will receive no indication that you've ignored them (you will not receive notifications from them either if they @ mention you or whisper to you). To see a list of users you've ignored, type /ignore in any chatroom. Type /unignore <username> to unignore them.

To take any of the above actions, or to undo them, click on the username and select the correct option from the dropdown.

If you can still see the users deleted messages (<message removed>), you can click to open the message and then click on the username to undo an action.

If you can no longer see the deleted messages (they will disappear completely on refresh), you can click on the Roster icon displayed in your chat header, select their state from the dropdown (muted, banned, etc.), click on their username and undo the action.

How do I run a raffle?

There are two ways to run a raffle from your channel. You can use the chat command (described below) or you can simply click on the Raffle icon displayed in your chat header.

  • To run a normal raffle, includes everyone currently present in your chatroom, use the chat command: /raffle
  • To run a followers or subscribers raffle that includes ONLY those currently present in your chatroom, use the chat command: /raffle followers or /raffle subscribers
  • To run a followers or subscribers raffle that includes ALL your followers or subscribers, even if they are not currently online, use the chat command: /raffle followers all or /raffle subscribers all
  • To exclude a specific user from any raffle, add exclude <username> to your chat command, for example: /raffle subscribers exclude jesus


How do I get a sub button?

At the moment we are requiring that you have at least 50 followers and that you maintain a steady schedule of streaming. You choose the amount of your sub button, but choose wisely! You cannot raise the price later.

Visit our info page, if you think you're ready for that 70/30 split in your favor!

When do I get paid out for my subs?

Payments will be made on the 1st to 2nd week after the month closes. In order to get paid out, all the payment info must be filled out in full, including submission of the W-9 form (for in US only).

Where do I find my subscribers?

If you have a sub button, then look under settings in your Payouts dashboard and you'll find your total incoming subscriptions for the month (you won't see this option if you do not have a sub button). Make sure your payment info is up-to-date so we can give you that hard earned moolah!

How do I subscribe?

If the streamer you wish to subscribe to has a sub button, it will display to the bottom right of the video on web. Click this button, pick your preferred payment type and follow the directions given in the new window.

If you are using a mobile device (iOS or Android), you can buy sparkles from the in-app store and subscribe to your favorite streamers!

On iOS:

  • Visit your favorite streamer's channel and tap on the sparkle icon in the bottom right corner.

  • Hit that subscribe button!

  • If you don't have enough sparkles, you'll be taken through the flow to purchase a package in-app. Sparkles bought on web will also carry over to mobile.

On Android:

  • Visit your favorite streamer's channel and tap the banana button at the top of the chat box.

  • Hit that subscribe button!

  • If you don't have enough sparkles, you'll be taken through the flow to purchase a package in-app. Sparkles bough on web will also carry over to mobile.

Why should I subscribe?

All subscribers will get a subscriber badge in chat and a default green color for their username. Green not your thing? You can choose a new color from the color tray in chat (located right under the emote button!).

The other benefits of being a subscriber vary from channel to channel, depending on the streamer. They usually offer more emotes to use in their channel as well as a "raid" emote which you can use in other channels as well. They may also offer special giveaways or the chance to play games with them or even exclusive Subscriber Only streams. Just ask! – Whatever they're offering, though, the streamer gets the majority cut of the sub money they earn, so in the end you're doing your part to help keep their channel running!

Where do I find my subscriptions?

The My Subscriptions tab under Billing will list all the subscriptions you've made, past and current. You can manage your current subscriptions here or re-subscribe to a forgotten favorite.

What is a Sub-iversary?

A Sub-iversary is a celebration of your months-long commitment to your favorite streamer(s)!

Starting from your first recurring subscription, you’ll see a banner on the channel page letting you know how many months you’ve been subscribed with an option to celebrate. (Currently sub-iversary celebrations are only supported on web. iOS and Android support coming soon!)

The streamer you’re subscribed to must be live in order to access the celebrate! button.

You’ll have access to the button until you either celebrate or your current month’s subscription expires.

Your subscriptions must be consecutive to get the sub-iversary celebration option. As long as you re-subscribe within 30 days, your subscription will be considered consecutive.

To Celebrate

  • Click celebrate! under the bottom right of the video. (The streamer must be live in order to see this button).
  • Type in an optional message to send via chat. If you choose not to customize your message we’ll send the default ��It’s my sub-iversary!” message.
  • Click Go!
  • Watch the celebration begin!

To Dismiss

If you don’t want to celebrate right now and the banner is in your way, simply click the ‘x’ in the upper righthand corner. We’ll remind you in 24 hours.

If you don’t ever feel like celebrating, you can check the box “Don’t show this message until my next sub-iversary” and then click the ‘x’ in the upper righthand corner. We won’t show it again for the rest of the month.

What is Subscriber Only Viewing?

Subscriber Only Viewing is a way for streamers to offer exclusive live content to their subscribers! You can enable this setting via your Stream Settings page. Enabling this will also automatically set your chat to Sub Only mode (you can change this at any time via the chat settings cog in the chat header).

Archives will remain public, even if you enabled Subscriber Only Viewing for your live stream. You can turn archives off for these streams to prevent an archive from appearing on your channel page (you must keep the setting off for the entire duration of the live stream. If you turn it back on while the stream is live, an archive will be created. You can delete archives via your Video Manager page). Make sure to record your video another way, as we do not save archives for videos when this setting is turned off. Stay tuned for Sub Only Archives in the future!

Subscribers who visit your channel will be able to begin viewing immediately (make sure you're logged in). Other viewers who visit your channel will be prompted to subscribe and will be able to view as soon as they either subscribe or the streamer changes back to Public Viewing mode.

Streams with Subscriber Only Viewing enabled must still follow the Terms and Conditions as usual.


What is a supporter and how do I become one?

Supporters work hard to earn their badge and chat colors!

No one can give you a supporter badge and no one can take it away. You earn it by watching a majority of your favorite streamers streams and you lose it if you stop watching. It's only as fickle as you are!

Why should I become a supporter?

To show support of course! But you also get new chat colors for your username and a badge, so everyone knows how dedicated you are.


How do I start receiving donations?

Go to your donations page to enable donations and set the minimum donation amount. Don't forget to submit your paypal email address to get paid!

You'll also be able to view your donation transaction history from this page.

Fun fact: You can enable text-to-speech in your donations alert stream widget to have donation notes read aloud by a sexy computer voice on your stream!


How do I start receiving stickers?

To start receiving stickers, simply enable the feature on your Stickers page. Don't forget to fill in your payment information so you can collect your dues! Payments will be made in US dollars (see below). (100 sparkles is currently worth 45 US cents).

When do I get paid out?

Payments will be made on the 1st to 2nd week after the month closes. In order to get paid out, the payment info form must be filled out in full, including submission of the W-9 form (for US only). Payments will be made in US dollars.

You can find your received stickers here, under the 'Received' tab.

How do I give a streamer a sticker?

If the streamer has stickers enabled, you'll see a "Stickers" button to the bottom right of their video. Click on that button, choose a sticker and place it wherever you like on the video! You'll need sparkles to purchase a sticker, but clicking on the button will lead you to them! You can see all the stickers you've purchased here, under the 'Sent' tab.


How do I start receiving Gifts?

Go to the Gifting page in the Billing section and toggle Accept Gifts.

Gifts are given in sparkles (100. 500, 1000 or 5000) but you will be paid out in USD (100 sparkles is currently worth 45 US cents).

You need to fill out your payment information in order to receive payouts for your sparkle gifts.

When do I get paid out for gifts?

Payments will be made on the 1st to 2nd week after the month closes. In order to get paid out, all the payment info must be filled out in full, including submission of the W-9 form (for US only). You can find your payouts here.

How do I give a gift to a streamer?


If the streamer has gifts enabled, a 'Give Gift' button will appear to the bottom right of their video. Click that button and follow the required steps to shower them with those much appreciated sparkles! Sparkle gifts can be given in set values of 100, 500, 1000 or 5000. To view gifts that you've given, check out your Gifting page under the sent tab.

iOS Tap on the stream and then tap on the cog in the upper right corner. Under 'Support' tap on 'Gift Sparkles' and follow the steps!

Android Coming soon!

Don't have any sparkles? Clicking on the gift button will lead you through the flow to purchase some! See the section on The Swag Factory for more information on what sparkles can be used for.

The Swag Factory / Store

What are unicorns and sparkles and what can I use them for?

Unicorns are magical creatures that just keep adding up the more you watch and have fun on our site!

Sparkles are pretty, shiny objects that you can buy, if you don't feel like waiting for a unicorn to appear.

Currently, you can use either unicorns or sparkles to reset an emoticon or get an additional emoticon slot.

You can also use unicorns only to buy Supporter and/or Subscriber chat colors!

Sparkles can now be used for global chat colors, stickers, gifts and mobile app subscriptions!

What is an additional emoticon slot?

Currently, you have a limited number of FREE emoticon slots. If you want more emoticons, you can use your magical unicorns or shiny sparkles to get additional slots!

What is an emoticon reset?

Once your emoticon is uploaded and rated, it'll be locked in place. You won't be able to change your emoticon unless you reset it in The Swag Factory.

Using your unicorns or sparkles to get an emoticon reset, will unlock the selected emoticon so you can upload a new one. While you're deciding which new emoticon to upload, you're previously rated one will still be available.

How do I get more emoticons?

Once you've uploaded all the free emoticons of any specific type, you'll be able to get more of that type in The Swag Factory using your unicorns and sparkles! Simply click on either the sparkle price or the unicorn price and off you go!

What does the emoticon rating mean?

Once you upload a new emoticon of any type, it has to be rated for use. We try to do this as quickly as possible so you can start showing off your amazing style in chat!

What do the different emoticon types mean?

There are a number of different emoticon types, each with their own special purpose.

  • User / Personal Emoticons These emoticons are for you and you alone. You can use them in any chatroom.
  • Channel Emoticons These are for you and your viewers. You and anyone in your chatroom can use them in your chatroom (these cannot be used in other chatrooms).
  • Supporter Emoticons These are emoticons especially for your supporters! You and your supporters can use these in your chatroom (these cannot be used in other chatrooms). If you're a supporter, you'll see these emoticons available in the channels where you're a supporter, if the channel owner has uploaded any.
  • Subscriber Emoticons These are emoticons are especially for your subscribers! You and your subscribers can use these in your chatroom (these cannot be used in other chatrooms). If you're a subscriber, you'll see these emoticons available in the channels where you're a subscriber, if the channel owner has uploaded any.
  • Raid Emoticons These emoticons are also for you and your subscribers! You and your subscribers can use these in ANY chatroom! Tell your subscribers to raid another channel and they can tell that streamer how they got there by using these emoticons!


How do I create a tournament?

Currently only admins can create tournaments for you. Please contact @communityrep, @communitywatch or email [email protected] with a name and description of your tournament.

Once they’ve created it for you, you’ll be able to edit and add details.

How do I edit a tournament?

Once a tournament has been created for you by an admin, you’ll find a list of your tournaments on the settings page.

Click ‘edit’ on the tournament you’d like to update.

Under each header you can update the title, times, game, participants, winners, images, prizes and panels. Remember to click ‘save changes’ whenever you make an update.


A time is not required for the start or end date.

A start date is required.

An end date is not required but if you enter one, the tournament will be ‘ended�� for you automatically (the event date on the tournament page will show that you’ve ended the tournament so your viewers know it’s over).

A game is required. If you don’t see the game you’re playing, then please contact @communityrep, @communitywatch or email [email protected].


Participants are not required.

You can invite as many or as few participants as you need to. Users will see their invites on the tournament settings page.

If you want to participate in your own tournament, you also have to invite yourself. You don’t have to participate in your own tournament, though. You can be a caster and your stream will still appear but you won’t show up in the participants list.


Winners are not required.

You can place and edit your winners at any time, even if your tournament has not ended - so if you have a tournament that’s played in rounds, you can show the current winners and change them later.

Banner Image

A banner image is required. An admin will add a default image for you on creation that you can then change.

This image will show while you’re tournament is offline.


Prizes are optional.

You can set as many prizes as you want and they can be whatever you want. Don’t promise prizes you can’t deliver on! does not guarantee the delivery of any prizes for sponsored tournaments. Please ask us if you’re unsure at [email protected].


Panels are optional.

The first panel you create will be your main panel and larger than the others. You’ll want to put the most important information here.

The following panels are similar to normal channel panels and you can put as much or as little information as you’d like.

How do I view a tournament channel?

As the owner or a participant you can view tournament channels by going to the tournament settings page and clicking ‘view’ on the relevant tournament. You can then send that url to anyone you’d like!

You can also pin the url in your personal channel by using /pin in chat.

How do I delete or leave a tournament?

As the owner, you can delete your tournaments by going to the tournament settings page and clicking ‘delete’ on the relevant tournament.

As a participant of a tournament, you can leave a tournament by going to the tournament settings page and clicking �����leave’ on the relevant tournament.

Where are the tournament archives?

You can view the tournament owner's archives right on the tournament page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom to find a list, sorted by date.

You can view the tournament participants' archives by going to their personal channel pages.


What's the minimum age requirement at StreamMe?

You must be at least 13 years of age to use the service and visit the website. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

When will I receive my prize from StreamMe giveaways?

These things take time to process. Please allow up to 7 business days for contact of prize claim. Once shipping and/or payment information has been received (depending if in US or International) allow 1 to 2 weeks for arrival.

Issues / Troubleshooting

Who do I contact if I'm having an issue on the site?

For any issues related to the site please contact [email protected] or from any chatroom you can @ mention @CommunityRep or @CommunityWatch. Please include specific details of your issue.

Scheduled Maintenance

Which features are unavailable during scheduled maintenance?

There is no scheduled maintenance at this time.

During the scheduled maintenance, you will still be able to stream and chat. However, most features will be temporarily unavailable.


Points for the contest cannot be accrued during this time and the leaderboard will be unavailable.

New Follows, Supporters:

Any new roles received during this maintenance window will not be saved and may be temporarily unavailable.


Subscription buttons will be unavailable. Cancel / Renew / Auto-renew options will also be unavailable. Please contact [email protected] if you need to cancel a subscription urgently.


Giving and receiving donations will be unavailable.

Sparkles and Unicorns:

Buying sparkles or purchasing with sparkles will be unavailable during this time (including giving and receiving stickers and gifts). Unicorn earnings will not be saved during this time.


Archives will not be created for streams that are live during the maintenance period.

If you have any concerns or run into any issues during this time, please contact [email protected] and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience!!

Random Viewer Giveaway

How does the Random Viewer Giveaway Work?

As a big THANK YOU to all of our loyal viewers for supporting, promoting and interacting with our site every day, will be hosting random giveaways just for you!

So, do what you always do — watch your favorite streamer and interact with the site — and you just might win something! Prizes will vary from gift cards to physical goods.

How it works:

These giveaways will happen at unannounced times in random, unannounced channels throughout the month.

The admin user, LuckOfTheUnicorn, will appear in a random channel that meets the requirements listed below and announce the start of the giveaway as well as the gift to be won. The winner will be chosen using the raffle feature in chat.

Participation Rules:

  • The viewer must be registered and active in the chosen channel at the time of the giveaway.
  • Viewers in multistream channels will not be included in the giveaway but are welcome to join the chosen channel before the giveaway begins.
  • The winner must respond to the admin within 60 seconds of having won the prize. No response will result in a re-roll.
  • The prize cannot be substituted for any other prize or cash.
  • The owner (streamer) of the channel where the giveaway is taking place is not eligible to win the Random Viewer Giveaway.
  • Streamers of other channels are eligible to win the Random Viewer Giveaway as long as they are a registered, active viewer in the hosting channel.

In order for a channel to be eligible for a Random Viewer Giveaway, the streamer must:

  • have at least 5 unique, active, registered viewers in their channel.
  • be actively streaming and present (AFK streams or archive rebroadcasts will not be eligible).

Instructions will be given to the winner on how to claim the prize, depending on the type of prize. To avoid delays, make sure that you have a verified e-mail address associated with your account that we can contact you at.

We will randomize the channels that host the giveaway and the times they occur to give as many users as possible a chance to win.

Prizes will be delivered as soon as possible. For physical prizes, international users may experience even longer delays.

Rules and requirements are subject to change at any time.

Users who try to game the giveaway in any way are subject to disqualification from current and future giveaways.

Prizes not claimed within 30 days are considered forfeited.

If you do not want your channel to be chosen to host a giveaway, please let us know at [email protected] and we will not choose your channel in the future.


What are referrals and how do they work?

Referrals are a way for you to help StreamMe grow by bringing new users to the site and you'll earn rewards for doing so! The more the user interacts with the site, the more rewards you earn.

  • Refer a user who registers AND verifies their email and earn 50 sparkles. (Limit 100 registrations).
  • Refer a user who streams at least 4 hours and earn 100 sparkles.
  • Refer a user who makes a purchase and earn 200 sparkles.
  • Refer a user who places in the Top Streamer Contest and earn 10% of the prize money! For example if you refer a user who places 2nd in the contest, they'll receive their full $500 and you'll get $50 just for referring them. You'll continue to earn 10% of their prize every time they win in the Top Streamer Contest.
  • Refer a user who receives subscriptions, gifts or stickers revenue and earn 5% of the earnings (the referred user still receives 100% of their earnings).

To get started log in or register now! On the Referrals Settings page, type in the link you wish to refer users to (e.g., click Generate and then copy your link anywhere you'd like to share it! You can also grab a quick link by going to any channel page, click on the cog below the video player and copy the link provided.

Rewards must be approved by an admin before you'll see them in your account but we will work to approve rewards as soon as possible. Any form of gaming the rewards system will result in loss of rewards and potentially loss of access to future rewards.

The contest and revenue referrals will appear on your payouts page along with any other earnings you receive that month. Make sure your payment information is up-to-date.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

StreamMe reserves the right to change the reward amounts or to end the referral program at any time for any reason.