The Rough and Dirty Guide to Getting Started on StreamMe

I'm a streamer!

I'm a moderator!

I just like to view and chat!

Getting Started as a Streamer

This is a quick overview. For more detailed information, check out our FAQ page.

Streaming Basics

You can get right down to it by using our Quick Broadcaster right now, this very second!

Trying to do something more complicated? Start by checking out your Stream Dashboard, where you can edit your title and enable/disable archives, as well as find your stream key and origin server URLs.

Your best bet will then be to check out our tutorials for OBS Windows, OBS Mac or Xsplit Windows to help you get the most out of your streaming experience!

Stream Alerts / Notifications

Once you're all set up there, check out our set-up instructions for stream widgets, so you and all your fans can see your new follows, donations and subs right on the stream!


You can enable your donation button here. Once it's enabled, your viewers can start sending you some cash for your awesome streams!


In order to get a sub button, you'll need to have at least 50 followers and a regular streaming schedule. Easy-peasy. Do that and then contact @communityrep or @communitywatchfor help getting a button on your channel page and setting a price. You pick the price, payouts happen once a month and the split is 70/30 in your favor!

Stickers and Gifts

Your viewers can also plaster your face with beautiful stickers or use their leftover sparkles to give you a gift. Both are paid out in the USD equivalent (100 sparkles = 45 US cents).


As the owner of a channel, you have access to several types of emotes that you and your viewers can use in chat while you stream.

User emotes are just for you in any channel.

Channel emotes are for everyone in your channel.

Supporter emotes are just for supporters to use in your channel.

Subscriber emotes are just for subscribers to use in your channel.

Raid emotes are just for subscribers to use in any channel (so you can send your viewers over to another awesome channel when you're done streaming).


Lastly, if you have a subscription button, you can customize your and your viewers' badges however your heart desires!

Getting Started as a Viewer and Chatter

Stand out from the crowd!

  • Make sure to upload an amazing avatar to grab the attention of your favorite streamer!
  • Find your own personal user emote and upload it here! Once it's been rated for use, you can throw it around in any chatroom you like!
  • Check out The Swag Factory in the home page header and buy some fancy username colors - global colors can be used anywhere while subscriber and supporter colors are limited to your own channel and the channels you subscribe to or support (see below).

    Get the best viewing experience

  • You can choose a video quality that best suits your situation by hovering over a live stream and clicking on the cog in the bottom right corner of the video.
  • You can also choose to either pop-out the video (the double square icon) or view in full-screen (the single square icon).

    Get verified!

  • When you JOIN StreamMe, we send a verification link to the e-mail address you provided. You'll need to click that link within 2 days in order to verify your account.
    • Go to your account page to have a new link sent or change your e-mail address, if necessary.
  • If you use social media to JOIN, you'll be automatically verified with the email associated with that social account.
  • If your social media choice does not share the associated e-mail with us, you'll need to enter an email address on the account page to get the verification link. You'll need to be verified to participate fully in all the awesome features of the site! You must be verified to:
  • Follow a streamer
  • Participate in verified only chat rooms
  • Earn unicorns
  • Donate, subscribe, give stickers, give gifts, etc.

Follow, Support, Donate, Subscribe, Give stickers, Give gifts!

  • All streamers have a follow button - show them some love!

    • On Web, the button is underneath the stream to the right.
    • On iOS, tap the video and then the heart to the right of the streamer's avatar.
    • On Android, tap the video, then the heart icon in the upper right corner.
  • All viewers can become supporters - show them you're dedicated!

    • Put in those hours and watch your favorite streamer do what they do best.
    • Nobody can give you supporter and nobody can take it away; it's purely based on hours watched, so only YOU can affect your supporter status.
    • Becoming a supporter gets you access to exclusive emotes, chat colors and a nifty chat badge!
  • If Streamers have a donate button enabled, you can send them a quick, one-time donation with a note - show them the money!

    • On Web, donate buttons appear under the stream to the right.
    • On iOS, tap the video and then the cog in the upper right corner. Under Support, tap 'Donate'. This will open your web browser.
    • Donations not currently available through Android.
  • If Streamers have a subscription button, you can purchase a one-month subscription to their channel - show them you're there, through thick and thin, all month long!

    • On Web, subscription buttons appear under the stream to the right.
    • You can now subscribe with sparkles on iOS and Android!
    • Becoming a subscriber gives you access to exclusive emotes, chat colors and a nifty chat badge!
  • If Streamers have a stickers button, you can use your sparkles to choose a sticker to place anywhere you want on their stream! The USD equivalent of the sticker you choose gets paid out to the streamer.

  • If Streamers have a gift button, you can use your leftover sparkles to give your favorite streamer a quick, one-time gift. The USD equivalent of the sparkle amount you choose gets paid out to the streamer.

Getting Started as a Moderator

As a channel moderator, it's your job to make sure chat stays under control, so everyone can have a good time and the streamer can concentrate on streaming.

You'll get a funky blue badge and everyone will know that you mean business! Here are a few of the tools you get, once you've been promoted to moderator by the channel owner.

Click on any avatar in chat to see a list of actions that can be taken on that user:

  • Ignore - This applies to YOU only. You won't see any more of this user's messages and past messages will be deleted. Everyone else will still be able to interact with this user.
  • IP Ban - This bans the user from that chatroom. Their past messages will be deleted and they will not be able to type any new messages. If they attempt to make a new user on the same IP, that new user will be auto-banned.
  • Mute - This prevents the user from chatting, but does not delete their past messages.
  • 10 Minute Timeout - This mutes the user for 10 minutes (you can also mute them for any limited amount of time in seconds. For example a 5 second mute would be: /mute 5).

There are a few ways to undo the above actions.

  • Chat commands
    • /unignore
    • /unmute (this also works on timeout)
    • /unban
  • Roster - in the chat header, click the roster icon. Select 'banned' or 'muted' from the dropdown and find the username you wish to unban or unmute.
  • Via avatar / username - in chat itself, if past messages have not been cleared, you can click on the avatar or username of the person you wish to unban or unmute